December 2011: Quits Salaried Job in LA

January 2012: Leaves on a jet plane

February 2012: Full Moon Parties his face off

March 2012: Gets bit by a puffer fish. Throws a puffer fish

April 2012: Infected mosquito bites on foot cause a fever. Goes barefoot for 3 days

May 2012: Visits the illusive Burma

June 2012: Gets bit by leeches. Eat’s a PB&J in the oldest jungle on earth

August 2012: Summits an active volcano

September 2012: Hitchhikes across Japan

October 2012: Returns to the land of the free

November 2012: Is a bum

January 2013: Builds a house

March 2013: Someone decides it’s a good idea to give him a job

May 2013: Finds awesome SF roommates